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Mosquito Prevention Guide

Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent

Year-Round Yard Protection

Protect Yourself and Your Yard with a Mosquito Bundle Kit!

Mosquitoes are nothing if not persistent. Insect-repelling sprays can help protect your skin, but they won’t keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor living area. To really tackle your mosquito problems, having an all-around approach can help you manage and mitigate these pests. With our Mosquito Bundle Kit, you can protect both yourself and your yard. Best of all, we use only all-natural ingredients that are DEET and paraben free! And they smell great!

Wearable Protection

Our Mosquito Bundle Kit comes with enough wearable pest-repelling gear to last you a full year!

The kit includes 2 bottles of our family-friendly Natural Mosquito and Tick Repellent spray, which contains a powerful combination of natural repellent oils. The kit also includes 1 package of our popular Mosquito Bands. Each comes with 12 colorful and comfortable silicone bracelets packed with a gel capsule of repelling essential oils. One capsule lasts for 720 hours of mosquito-repelling power, a full thirty days of protection!

Yard Protection

Deterring mosquitoes from your yard will not only help you avoid being bitten but also keep the mosquitoes from mating nearby. The Mosquito Bundle Kit includes 3 packets of Mosquito Repelling Incense Sticks (10 per pack). Each stick burns for 1.5 to 2 hours and releases a pleasant fragrance that mosquitoes hate. Also included is our handheld electric Bug Zapper and our electric Mosquito Zap Trap, both perfect for zapping mosquitoes at night!

If you purchased each of these items separately, it would cost a total of $99.76! As a bundle, we are offering everything listed for $64.99 – a total savings of $34.77!  

All of our solutions are great for use around families and pets. Get the full circle of mosquito protection today with our Mosquito Bundle Kit!

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