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High Quality Bee Control Products

Brian Blazer Made the High Quality Best Bee Trap

Looking for a high quality, effective, chemical-free carpenter bee trap? We have your carpenter bee solution.

The inventor of the Best Bee Trap, Brian Blazer, teamed up with the Best Bee Brothers in 2016. With such great success in his local area, it was time to go above and beyond to reach the entire nation.

Together, Brian and Best Bee Brothers are dedicated to provide the highest quality of carpenter bee control products. With patented bee traps, Best Bee Brothers’ traps provide a solution to control and eliminate your bee problem making your home free of carpenter bees.

Our meticulously created and extensively tested bee traps, are easy to use and made to last. The Best Bee Traps are made of the highest quality materials including heavy duty plastic which has been tooled to have the best shape and size for the outdoors. The traps can be screwed directly to the wood and should be added to the corners and peaks of buildings or homes to avoid bee infestations on any wooden structure.

Experience year-long and year-after-year protection with our bee traps. The carpenter bee traps can be reused by simply emptying the bottle once it is full. To do this, simply unscrew it and replace with an empty bottle.
(Tip: If you leave one or two dead bees in the bottle it will attract more bees!)