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Our Chemical Free Solution

Trap Your Carpenter Bees with NO Chemicals

How can you eliminate carpenter bees naturally, without pesticides or chemicals? The Best Bees Brothers' Carpenter Bee Traps are 100% pesticide free and capture bees in a unique way rather than killing them with chemicals.

As the years go by we understand more about how certain chemicals can harm the environment and our own health. However, without better solutions, many have found themselves shelling out a significant amount of money for harmful chemicals to exterminate carpenter bees year after year.

Should you stand for constantly putting your health and the environment in jeopardy? No. Carpenter bee elimination and extermination should not be dangerous, expensive or difficult.

We are happy to say years of hard work, determination and research helped us create a chemical-free, safe, affordable and easy-to-use carpenter bee trap. We made a serious commitment to provide affordable and quality bee traps. Therefore, we have a very meticulous creation process and we make sure all of our products undergo extensive testing. Even your own DIY bee trap won’t stand up to Best Bee Brothers traps.

Our traps mimic the natural nest of a carpenter bee to proactively attract carpenter bees to the trap without the use of harmful chemicals. The traps are made with durable and safe materials which can be used year after year. Additionally, the traps are affordable and we offer savings when purchasing multiple quantities so you can protect your entire structure.

For elimination and extermination of carpenter bees without pesticides or harmful chemicals, give Best Bee Brothers a try. We are confident our products are your solution to carpenter bees and provide a 100% money back guarantee for all of our products.

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