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Carpenter Bee Traps

Save your home from the destruction of carpenter bees with our innovative bee traps. These bee traps offer an effective solution to trap carpenter bees without any toxic chemicals or pesticides. Choose between the Original Best Bee Trap or the Pine Wood Carpenter Bee Box Trap. If you are looking for help on where to put your carpenter bee trap, head over to our Bee Trap Placement Tips page for more information.

Why Our Carpenter Bee Traps Work

Our traps work because the carpenter bees see our wood traps and inspect it as a possible nesting ground. Quickly these bees realize that the trap is not a suitable place to lay eggs, they will instinctively fly towards the light shining through the clear mason jar. Once in the jar, the carpenter bee will become stuck. For a more detailed explanation of this process, please check out our How Our Carpenter Bee Traps Work page.

Due to the nature of our traps, they are completely natural and contain zero harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our carpenter bee traps recently became more environmentally friendly by making them one of our first products made with recycled ocean plasticsThese natural traps work when hormones are released by deceased carpenter/wood bees attract more bees, which then creates an organic cycle of natural bee removal. If you seem to have trouble attracting these pesky carpenter bees, check out our natural BEE-Licous Bee Bait to help attract and remove carpenter bees!

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