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Pine Turbo Trap

$ 29.99

Crafted with soft pine wood, our trap masterfully handles carpenter bee problems while keeping them out of sight with its discreet collection chamber.

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Why We Love It:

Based on our loyal customers’ great feedback, we’ve updated our classic pine wood trap! Introducing the Pine Turbo Trap, the new and improved version of our time-tested best-seller.

The four-chamber internal Turbo funnel utilizes the carpenter bees’ incredible sense of smell and hearing. The aeration holes intensely release the pheromones and sounds of the bees caught inside, luring more bees away from your home and wooden structures and into the trap.

If you're dealing with a stubborn infestation or don't have time to empty the trap as often, our four-chamber professional-grade trap is the way to go.

  • Design modifications for a more discreet and sustainable footprint
  • Bee collection chamber inside the trap, for out of sight, out of mind bee removal
  • Covers a 15 ft. radius, offering optimal outdoor protection
  • Three access points and 4-chamber internal Turbo funnel to attract and retain bees
  • Aeration holes to promote airflow and help guide bees into the trap
  • Larger cup for emptying your trap and increased aeration to lure carpenter bees inside
  • Large viewports to monitor trap success and capacity level
  • Includes 9” hanging chain, S hook and screw eye for a strong hold
  • Fold Away Hanging Tab for mounting on vertical surfaces
  • Patented behavior-based design
  • To empty the trap, remove the bottom cap for easy disposal
    • Best to keep within arm’s reach or safety accessible with a ladder
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
    • Trap dimensions: 6.3” W x 6” H x 5" D
  • To empty the trap, remove the bottom cap for easy disposal
  • Minimal assembly required

How to Hang & Empty It:

Each Pine Turbo Trap (carpenter bee box trap) includes a 9 in. hanging chain and an accompanying S hook for easy installation. Minimal assembly required means “installation” is just a two-step process: hang it up high and let the trap do the rest.

To empty your trap, pull the cord to release the bees or use a vacuum.

Using a vacuum provides a deep clean and reduces the chance of bees escaping. Simply pull the black plug and insert the vacuum hose - a household vacuum or shop vac works great. To move bees, capture and release them using the vacuum container. Simple, effective bee management!

After emptying your trap, it's a good time to add more Bee-Licious Bee Bait.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Trap:

Our Pine Turbo Trapo (pine wood turbo box trap) is about as low maintenance as can be, but there are still a few things to note.

Our field testing has proven that these traps are most effective when hung up high in areas that receive plenty of sunlight. Unlike the Best Bee Turbo trap, the Pine Turbo Trap is best to keep within arm’s reach or safety accessible with a ladder. The closer you can get to eaves and roof overhangs, the better.

If your bee infestation requires more than one trap, be sure to give them some breathing room. We recommend about 15 ft. between traps for optimal results. To get the most out of our Pine Turbo Trap, pair it with our Bee-Licious Bee Bait by adding it to the bottom cap also used for emptying. This step is optional, but we highly recommend you give it a try to jump-start the process.

Finally, to ensure the best trap experience, inspect your home for existing damage. Carpenter bees prefer to inhabit existing nests over creating a new one, so looking for and plugging any existing carpenter bee holes will direct the bees to your trap and is one of the best ways you can support your trap system. Not sure what to use to plug a carpenter bee hole? Try our Hand Dipped Wooden Corks!

To keep them in service as long as possible, store traps in a shed or garage throughout the winter months.

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