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Hand Dipped Wooden Corks 8 Pack

$ 3.99

Our carpenter bee hole plugs offer an easy, sustainable solution to plugging existing carpenter bee nests.

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Why We Love It:

For a quick, easy and mess-free solution to plugging existing carpenter bee nests, all you need is a pack of our wooden corks. With two different sizes specifically designed to fit flush inside standard carpenter bee holes, our Hand Dipped Wooden Corks keep carpenter bees from moving back in and cutting off the life cycle by preventing young bees from getting out.

  • Rubberized exterior to prevent carpenter bee boring

  • Sized to fit standard carpenter bee holes

  • 8 corks total – 4 large and 4 small

How to Use Them:

After identifying your carpenter bee nest, insert a wooden cork into the entrance, placing the rubberized end into each hole. Blocking the entryway with a rubberized surface will create a barrier that enterprising carpenter bees can’t chew through. Once the cork is snug inside, continue pushing the cork into the hole, until the outer end of the cork is flush with the exterior wooden surface, or as near to flush as possible.

Getting the Most Out of Your Hand Dipped Wooden Corks:

As with most things in life, a little due diligence goes a long way. To truly get the most out of your carpenter bee hole plugs, there are a few factors we think you’ll want to be aware of. The first is timing. Carpenter bees are seasonal creatures that hibernate or die off in the winter, depending on whether they can find a nest. Typically, the hunt for a new nest begins around the beginning of spring, so the best time to use your Hand Dipped Wooden Corks is before the bees are out in full swing. Getting to them early ensures that you’ll have minimal contact with any aggressive carpenter bee males, or the stinging females. 

If time isn’t on your side and you’ve only noticed the nest because of existing carpenter bee activity, don’t fret! Carpenter bees are much less active at night, so in this instance, we recommend waiting until sunset before you attempt to repair any carpenter bee holes. Once you’re ready to get started, we suggest giving the nest a few sprays with our carpenter bee repellent citrus spray (carpenter bees hate citrus) to remove any stragglers inside. Wait about 4-5 minutes to make sure the bees are gone before plugging any holes.

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