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Who We Are

Best Bee Brothers are Bee Experts

Best Bee Brothers is a family-run business dedicated to helping families take back their homes from the damages of carpenter bees.  We know from personal experience what kind of destruction carpenter bees can cause to wood structures.

The Best Bee Brothers are Mike and Paul Ryan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Besides being real life brothers, they are also business partners. Mike and Paul have been involved in manufacturing products for outdoor use for over 20 years. There is even a good chance you may have used one of their products! Some of the things they have produced include trolling motor controls, motorboat panels/accessories and a variety of hunting and fishing products. As true outdoorsman the brothers are always fine tuning their skills in the North Woods of Wisconsin. The brothers are firm believers in giving back, which is why a portion of all proceeds go to the Bee Informed Partnership.

Brian Blazer - The Second Half of the Equation

Brain Blazer, an exotic animal farmer by trade, built his farmhouse by hand in Heflin, Alabama. The wood material to build the house was recycled wood found on his very own property. Soon after completing his home, carpenter bees began burrowing into the wood. To prevent further destruction, Brian attempted to use existing carpenter bee traps on the market. Unfortunately, they were ineffective or exposed his family to toxic chemicals.

After years of research and observing carpenter bee’s habits, Brian developed an effective and toxic free solution – Best Bee Trap (The Original). The trap was given to friends and neighbors, and its incredible performance led to the trap now being sold from coast to coast across America.

Best Bee Brothers meet Brian Blazer

When Brian met the Best Bee Brothers, it was a perfect match. Combining Brian’s innovative and patented traps with the brother’s experience in manufacturing and logistics, you get the best product on the market. That is why we firmly stand behind the product with our 100% guarantee.