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Best Bee Brothers, LLC

Mosquito Prevention Bundle

$ 89.99 $ 101.43

Get all your mosquito protection in one place at an unbeatable price and incredible value! Try this kit of 8 Best Bee Brothers natural insect-repelling favorites for full-coverage protection during mosquito season! All our products are chemical free and DEET free, made with the safety of families, pets, and the environment in mind! 

Bundle includes:

-Bug Bands:  1 package of 12 multicolored bracelets featuring essential oil capsules packed with powerful mosquito-repelling oils. Just 1 package gives 8400+ hours of mosquito protection!  ($12.99 Value)

-Mosquito Repelling Incense Sticks:  3 packages of 10 sticks each, for a total of 30 outdoor incense sticks! These all-natural sticks use a combination of lemongrass, lemon peel, and rosemary oils to repel mosquitoes. Each stick burns for 1.5–2 hours. ($9.95 Each for a $29.85 Value! )

-Natural Mosquito and Tick Repellent Spray:  2 bottles of our family-friendly insect repellent. This spray will keep away mosquitoes and ticks without the use of DEET, parabens, or other synthetic colors or fragrances.  ($5.99 Each for a 11.98 Value)

-Bug Zapper Racket:  1 mosquito zapper racket. Packs a powerful punch to bugs flying nearby! Get rid of them in an instant with this electric zapper racket, which is easily charged and stored.  ($14.95 Value)

-Mosquito Zap Trap:  1 electric mosquito trap to lure mosquitoes away from you. This electric trap is engineered with 20-watt spiral UV light tubes for better performance and larger coverage. ($29.99 Value)

Total retail price for this powerful insect-repelling package is $99.76! We are offering everything listed for $64.99 - a total savings of $34.77!

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