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Best Bee Brothers, LLC

Bug Bite Extractor

$ 6.99

Tired of applying greasy creams or sticky antihistamine lotions to your mosquito bites? Try our handy bug bite sucker and stop the pain or itch before it starts! A wasp sting or mosquito bite is no match for this tool. The Best Bee Brothers Bug Bite Extractor uses gentle suction to remove the venom or saliva from below the surface of your skin, extracting the irritant of any biting insect. Simply place the Bug Bite Extractor over the bite, use two fingers to lift the plunger and suck out the venom, and feel the instant relief!

Keep our effective insect venom extractor on hand all summer long for bug bite relief wherever you go. Small enough to stow in a purse, backpack, glove box, just about anywhere!

Our Bug Bite Extractor is:

  •     Kid-friendly
  •     Made of durable plastic
  •     Free of messy creams and lotions
  •     Easy to use for fast mosquito bite relief!

How to Use: 

  • Determine how much suction you'll need. 
    • If you want focused relief, be sure the silicone top is rolled back and the small tip is showing (how the product comes out of the package). 
    • To avoid leaving marks, we don't recommend using the bug bite suction tool on delicate face or neck skin.
  • Place the tool over the bite or sing. 
  • Use two fingers and slowly pull the handle, using pressure from your thumb to keep the extractor flush with the skin. 
    • You'll feel the bug bite remover working, but it shouldn't be painful stop if you feel discomfort. 
  • Hold the bug bite suction tool over the sting areas for 10 - 20 seconds. 
  • Push down on the handle to release the suction. 
    • Avoid pulling it off the skin while sucking to reduce the chance of marks. 
  • Repeat 2 - 3 times until the pain, swelling, or itch is gone! 
    • For best results, use on fresh bites and stings. 

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