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Best Bee Brothers

Mosquito Zap Trap

$ 29.99

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Zap those pesky mosquitoes away with our chemical-free Zap Trap!

Our Zap Trap is engineered with a 20-watt spiral UV light tube for superior performance. The bright light lures in flying pests such as mosquitoes and flies and delivers a potent shock to kill them on the spot. The device is designed to be used outdoors during nighttime hours. Each Zap Trap treats up to a half acre of land.

Where to place the Zap Trap: Hang the trap above door entrances or near bright light sources that naturally attract insects.

How to care for the Zap Trap: Twist off the bottom of the trap to dispose of dead insects. If insects become stuck on the central chamber, use the small brush included with the Zap Trap to gently remove.

Product Features:

  • Durable weatherproof design
  • Advanced light technology for superior performance
  • 2000-volt electronics with high-voltage grid
  • Power: 110–240-volt AC cable
  • Treats one-half acre of land
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical free and safe to use around families and pets

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