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Where to Place A Bug Zapper?

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How to Effectively Place a Zapper Out of Direct View

Bug zappers are a great tool for eliminating pesky nighttime bugs. But their satisfying “ZAP” sound doesn’t outweigh the eyesore they can be. Electric bug zappers are most effective when they are placed on the outskirts of your entertainment area. The idea is to draw the bugs toward the zapper and away from you.

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Finding the right place for your zapper can be a challenge. You want to keep them up high, and of course, they need to be plugged in. We’re willing to bet not many of us have the perfect branch on the edge of the patio, fully equipped with an electrical outlet. So, here are some simple ways to hang a bug zapper.

  • Use a garden shepherd’s hook. These decorative iron hooks can be placed directly into your lawn. Typically they are used to support flower baskets or bird feeders. If you get a double-sided hook, you can hang a zapper on one side and a flower basket on the other for a more blended aesthetic! Run an outdoor-rated extension cord from your power source to the zapper. Use tape or zip ties to secure the cord along the post.
  • Find a decorative hanging bracket. You can get hanging brackets in any color and style and can secure them to fences, posts, trees, or outdoor walls. You can camouflage the zap trap further by placing more hanging baskets suspended from additional decorative brackets in the same area. 
  • Keep the extension cord in mind. No matter where you decide to place the trap, how you handle the extension cord can make all the difference. Outdoor extension cords come in many colors designed to match your outdoor area. Buying a green cord that blends into the grass looks better than a bright orange or yellow cord running through the yard. Also, taking precautions to lay out the extension cord in an organized and safe manner – running it along edges and securing to posts – can drastically reduce the visibility of the electric zapper trap.

Remember to keep your Zapper Traps away from areas with your food, pets, and kids. They deliver a nasty shock that stops bugs in their tracks! 

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  • Customer Support on

    @Victoria – We have never had any issues with birds or squirrels getting hurt. Our testing had lots of critters and insects around it and nothing harmed those who shouldn’t have been!

  • Victoria on

    I’m unfortunately surrounded by NASTY Thieves… Would it be safe to hang it in the big tree outback ?? I don’t want to hurt birds or Squirrels…

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