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Best Bee Brothers, LLC

Bug Repellent Bracelets (12 Bands)

$ 12.99

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Protect yourself from mosquitoes (and ticks) with our NEW waterproof Mosquito Bands! These powerful mosquito repellent bracelets are DEET free and use a powerful combination of natural oils to stop mosquitoes and ticks! 

Each pack comes with 12 brightly colored mosquito repellent bracelets and 12 refill capsules that give 700+ hours of mosquito repellent protection (a total of 8400+ hours of protection per pack). The comfortable and flexible bands are adjustable so they can fit many sized wrists.
In the center of each band sits a powerful repelling capsule that is packed with the best mosquito repelling essential oils combination; Lemongrass Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint, Silvery Wormwood Oil, Chamomile Oil.
They are the perfect accessory for camping, hiking, outdoor sports, and just enjoying the outdoors without pesky mosquitoes.  
Package Includes: 
  • 2 Red Bracelets, each with capsule
  • 2 Purple Bracelets, each with capsule
  • 2 Black Bracelets, each with capsule
  • 2 Orange Bracelets, each with capsule
  • 2 Yellow Bracelets, each with capsule
  • 2 Green Bracelets, each with capsule
  • 12 extra oil capsules (1 inch long)
  • Total of 24 capsules per pack

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