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How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent

Preparing for Mosquito Season

Mosquito season typically starts when the weather warms up. Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also spread disease. 

When and how to prepare for Mosquitoes

It is always best to be prepared well in advance of the season. Nothing ruins a nice backyard BBQ like a swarm of mosquitoes when you have no defense! 

The best defense is not to rely on a single method, but have a multipronged plan to stay safe!

Create a mosquito-free backyard oasis! 

During mosquito season, we recommend the following for full protection:

  • Mosquito Sprays – Sprays made of natural oils are safe to use and are an effective mosquito deterrent 
  • Bug Repellent Bracelets – These simple-to-use wearable mosquito repellents work for hours without having to replace or reapply
  • Bug Zappers – These convenient zappers are easy to hang almost anywhere and are effective over a large area
  • Nets – Mosquito netting can be draped over the face and neck or the entire body
  • Clothing – Long-sleeve pants and shirts, especially with thicker fabrics, help keep mosquitoes off the skin.

When the female mosquito bites, her saliva triggers a reaction that causes itching and a characteristic reddish swelling. If you can’t stop every mosquito, it can be helpful to have a bug bite sucker on hand and stock some antihistamine cream to relieve the pain and itch!

If you want to learn more about mosquitoes, head over to our Why Mosquitoes Bite page. Find more on that page for mosquito information, bite remedies, and tips to keep you mosquito free!

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