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How to Make Carpenter Bee Repellent at Home

Chemical Free DIY Prevent Carpenter Bees

DIY Carpenter Bee Repellent Spray

There are natural do-it-yourself carpenter bee repellents that are effective in deterring carpenter bees. The DIY version can save you money and eliminate chemicals that could be harmful to people, pets or the environment.

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It is well known that carpenter bees tend to avoid certain strong smells –citrus is one of them. Using just a leftover slice of citrus fruit you may already have in your kitchen can be very useful to keep carpenter bees at bay.

How to make a citrus spray

Making your own citrus spray repellent can come in quite handy when you want to protect your wood structures in areas where traps don’t seem to work. 

All you need is a pot of water, a slice of citrus fruit, and a heat source to boil the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. Try lemons, oranges, limes or a combination! Some recipes also include a few drops of essential oil including citrus oils, lavender and citronella. 

There is no “exact” formula for success. Once the water and citrus are done boiling, let it cool, squeeze the fruit to release any remaining juice and oil from the peel into the water. You can throw away the fruit or compost it. Then, put the mixture in a spray bottle and it will be ready to use to repel carpenter bees.

Don’t want to DIY? Best Bee Brothers offers an easy-to-use and powerful citrus-based spray with the perfect blend of citrus oils. It is thoroughly tested and proven to repel carpenter bees.

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