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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

Summer is right around the corner – anyone else counting down the days?! – and when that warm weather hits, nothing beats lounging by the pool on a hot day. Unfortunately, the onset of summer typically coincides with the dreaded mosquito season.

It’s no surprise that these little pests can quickly ruin your outdoor oasis, but they’re actually capable of much more than that; they can turn a relaxing afternoon into a nightmare! It’s not just that mosquitoes are annoying – though they most certainly are – they can also be carriers of dangerous diseases like West Nile virus1, making it essential to keep them away from your pool.

In this article, we'll explore some effective strategies for keeping mosquitoes away from your pool so you can take back your outdoor space and soak up all the sunshine this season has to offer.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your pool day!

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Pools Naturally

Unlike you, mosquitoes don’t hang around the pool just to work on their tan or get some exercise. Actually, mosquitoes are attracted to pools for several reasons: they are drawn to water sources where they can lay their eggs, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide2 we exhale as we breathe, and they can even sense our body heat! (Curious about why mosquitoes are attracted to some people, but not others? You can find all that info in our post “Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me More Than Others.”)

Okay, so why is all this important, and how does it relate to your pool? Well, female mosquitoes need a blood meal in order to gather the strength necessary to lay their eggs. That means if you’re near a female mosquito, or a standing pool of water – it’s feeding time!

While it's impossible to eliminate all mosquitoes around your pool area (even their natural predators can’t seem to get that job done) there are some things you can do to significantly reduce their numbers. Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can naturally keep mosquitoes away from your pool area:

  1. Remove Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so it's important to eliminate any standing water around your pool area. This includes emptying and refilling birdbaths, cleaning out gutters, and making sure any containers or objects that can hold water are emptied or stored away. The less attractive you make your pool area for potential breeding, the less likely mosquitoes will be to hang around.

Remove standing water to prevent mosquitoes | Best Bee Brothers
Even something as simple as water on a tarp can attract mosquitoes.
  1. Keep Your Pool Area Clean and Well Maintained: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, mosquitoes lay their eggs in the little pools of water that collect in or around your pool area. One way to prevent this from getting out of hand is to regularly clean your pool and the surrounding area. This includes skimming your pool, periodically cleaning your filter and maintaining proper chlorine levels.

  1. Use Outdoor Fans: Did you know that despite their annoying persistence, mosquitoes are actually quite weak fliers? It’s true! Something as simple as implementing an outdoor fan can be a major deterrent in keeping hordes of bloodthirsty pests far from you and your loved ones. And as an added bonus, the outdoor fans can help circulate the air and keep you from overheating on those hot summer days.

  1. Maintain Your Pool Covers: Remember what we said about mosquito breeding? Standing pools of water are like a flashing neon sign for would-be mosquito mothers. Generally speaking, your pool is too deep and too chlorinated to make an attractive breeding site. However, if the pool is left uncovered and allowed to become dirty, those harsh chemicals can become diluted, making it that much easier for mosquitoes to lay their eggs3. Covering your pool when it's not in use can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water. However, it's just as important to ensure that the cover is properly installed and has no gaps or tears.

Mosquito Repellent for Pools

When preventive maintenance just isn’t enough, you might be tempted to bust out the DEET and get serious. However, whenever possible, we prefer to go with the natural approach – especially when it comes to insect elimination. Harsh chemicals? No thank you!

If you're looking for a more direct and effective pool mosquito repellent, consider using natural mosquito repellent products. Best Bee Brothers offers a variety of mosquito repellent products that are safe and effective for use around your pool.

One option is the Mosquito Zap Trap, which uses UV light to attract and eliminate mosquitoes. The trap is easy to use and can be placed near your pool area to catch mosquitoes and prevent them from bothering you and your guests. (But it must be plugged in, so be sure to hang it a safe distance from the water.)

For topical use, try our Natural Mosquito & Tick Repellent Mist and Natural Mosquito & Tick Repellent Oil, which are made from a blend of essential oils that are effective at repelling both mosquitoes and ticks. They can be applied directly to your skin to provide long-lasting protection from would-be nibblers (just keep it away from the eyes, ears, and mouth). Best of all, no harsh chemicals, and they smell great too!

Finally, Best Bee Brothers offers Bug Bands, which are great bug repellent options for hanging around the pool. Our Bug Bands are comfortable wrist straps with replaceable essential oil capsules that work naturally to repel mosquitoes. Each pack of bug bands offers 8,400 hours of insect protection!

Finally, while you’re enjoying lounging around the pool, try our Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks for an extra layer of protection you won’t need to reapply after taking a dip!

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Pool with Best Bee Brothers

By following these tips and using our favorite Best Bee Brothers mosquito repellent products, you’ll keep mosquitoes away from your pool area and enjoy a comfortable, pest-free summer of lounging around the pool!

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