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Spring Cleaning List

Getting Rid Of and Avoiding Bugs & Pests

If you live a cold climate, there comes a time when you believe winter will never end. Bundled four layers deep in warm clothing and jackets, and shoveling two feet of snow, you barely remember what a green lawn looks like. But every year the snow does melt and the barbecue is fired up. It comes sooner than you think! Here are the best tips to get your home ready for spring and keep the pests out.

  1. Spring clean – It’s a real necessity! Clean the interior of your home and keep it clutter free. Over the winter several types of bugs, such as spiders and dust mites, try to escape the cold. They love the hidden corners and cabinets where dust and debris accumulate. Get rid of unnecessary items, tightly seal your stored keepsakes, and regularly sweep the basement.
  2. Wash windows and doors – As soon as spring arrives, wipe down all doors, screens, and windows. Check for gaps in the frames and weather stripping. Caulk or reseal any openings. This will keep the critters out and help keep your cool AC in when the temperature rises.
  3. Clean gutters and downspouts – This dirty job is important not only to keep pests away, but to avoid larger problems for your home. Clean out the gutters and downspouts so water can run through. Make sure the downspouts direct the water away from the base of the house. (1)
  4. Check the attic – It’s not uncommon for small animals to find their way into attics during the winter. These critters seek warmth and shelter, which small holes in the attic can provide. Look for animal droppings and be sure to wear a mask when doing so. (1) If you do have unwanted neighbors, determine where they entered. Depending on the size of the critter, or number of them, you may consider calling a professional. Small animals can carry diseases and can be dangerous to capture without the proper equipment.
  5. Clean the yard – Just like an uncluttered home, a tidy yard works wonders to keep bugs at bay. Consider these tasks:
    • Remove leaf and brush piles.
    • Look for standing pools of water where mosquitoes may breed.
    • Clean off bird feeders, birdbaths, flower pots, furniture, decks, and yard toys.
    • Fix any rotted wood, and repaint what needs touching up. Pressure washing is a great way to do this.
    • Always remember to clean up pet waste regularly. (2)

Well-kept yards are less attractive to pests and safer for kids and pets. There are also natural pest-repelling plants that you can add to your garden.

Give your home some tender loving care early so you can sit back and relax for the warmer months ahead.

Be sure to stock up on our natural pest products, like our Zapper Racket, for large pests like carpenter bees, and our mosquito products for a well-rounded pest arsenal!

Take back your summer and enjoy!


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