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Carpenter Bee Butter - Sticky Trap

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If you are plagued with carpenter bee nests, worry no more! Our Carpenter Bee Butter is a proprietary blend natural carpenter bee killer designed to specifically treat bees nests that won't go away.   

The all natural blend of ingredients contains no pesticides and is a great alternative to chemical carpenter bee spray!  One small dab of the Bee Butter will go a long way in making carpenter bee nests no longer active AND you don’t have to worry about harming yourself or others with a chemical spray.  

Product Features:

  • Each tube has enough Bee Butter to treat up to 100 holes!   
  • All natural ingredients  - no Pesticides!
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • No need for constant reapplication
  • Buy with our corks for easy plugging!

How to Use:

Simply add a small dab to the hole and plug it up.  It is best to apply at night when the carpenter bees are in their nests.   If you apply at night you can plug up the nest immediately.  If you apply during the day, wait 24 hours before closing the entrance.  After the nest is taken care of you can protect your home from further carpenter bee intruders with one of our patented carpenter bee traps! Taking care of unwanted wood boring bees has never been easier.  


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