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Protecting Kids, Toddlers & Babies from Mosquitoes

Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent

Finding Chemical-Free, Worry-Free Solutions

Protecting your kids from bug bites, especially mosquito bites, is a full-time job during the summer. Now with all our knowledge of pest transmitted diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, and Lyme disease, it’s hard to stop the worry. This is especially hard on parents with infants and toddlers, who are advised not to use conventional chemical bug sprays. Here are some helpful tips to make your job a little easier!

Consider the time of day

Mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk. Avoid taking your little ones outside during these times.1 Preventing bites is always the safest option.

Have a clean and organized yard

Getting rid of objects or areas that collect stagnant water, like birdbaths, kiddie pools, or outdoor containers, can prevent harmful insects from breeding in your yard. Bugs also like to hide out in piles of brush and built-up debris. Move garbage and recycling cans away from play areas. Keep plants and flowers away from places kids frequent to avoid standing water that can attract mosquitoes.

Dress kids in long, loose clothing

As long as the weather permits, dress kids in long sleeves and pants. Research has shown a particular color of clothing doesn’t necessarily attract or deter mosquitoes. However, wearing light-colored clothing can make spotting bugs like ticks and mosquitoes easier.1

Avoid fragrant products

Ditch the perfumed sprays and toiletries during the summer. Their sweet smells can attract more bugs. Instead opt for unscented bath and body products.

When to use bug spray on young kids

The CDC recommends not using any DEET bug sprays on infants younger than 2 months old.  It also recommends that DEET sprays with concentrations of only 30% or less are to be used on toddlers up to 3 years of age. In addition, the CDC even discourages using essential oil repellents directly on children 3 years or younger due to their ability to irritate the skin.2 Of course, always speak with your health care provider to find the right option for you and your family. But in general, this doesn’t leave a lot of options for parents of young children. Instead, try to keep them covered with appropriate clothing and netting designed for strollers and carriers. Use products like our Mosquito Repelling Incense Sticks. Our incense sticks are great for the whole family to enjoy and keep bugs from interfering in your outdoor fun.

When to use bug spray on older kids

The CDC supports the use of DEET and natural oil products on children over 3 years of age, as long as they are used as directed. Always carefully read the bug spray directions and only apply the minimal amount, reapplying as necessary.2

Don’t forget to check out our line of natural pest care products to help the whole family enjoy summer fun together.


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