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Backyard Decor Tips for You and The Bees

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Doesn’t it seem like every movie or magazine has an enchanting outdoor patio scene? Can’t you just picture the whole family gathered around a gorgeous reclaimed barnwood table, covered by a trellis dripping with flowering vines and vintage lighting? And then summer comes, and you realize that dream is thousands of dollars away and countless hours of work.

But don’t let that get you down! You can still spruce up your garden area with some quick and easy tricks that don’t break the bank. Follow these tips to create your own magical garden.

1.  Clean up your yard.

This is by far the cheapest and easiest thing you can do to breathe freshness into your lawn.

  • Organize your tools and the kids’ toys.
  • Pressure wash the patio and walkways.
  • Repaint the deck.
  • Pull weeds.

Start summer off on the right foot and get your outdoor life organized and tidy. This can make a huge impact on how you feel about your space, even if it isn’t the most fun task.

Visit our blog to check out our Spring Cleaning List for more tips!

2. Add a mulch edge border for a professional look.

Mulch is inexpensive, and some local dumps even have their woodchips available for free. Mulch can define areas and help keep the weeds to a minimum. Edging your walkways, fences, and garden areas keeps a neat and clean look. A little extra effort goes a long way!

3. Freshen up old planter pots with spray paint.  

You can revitalize your dated or faded pots by spray-painting them. We found a great video that demonstrates how to do this! You can even get the kids involved with picking out colors and patterns.

4. Fertilize your garden and lawn to get lush green grass and blooming flowers.

There are many fertilizers available to suit your garden’s particular needs. Experts recommend fertilizing 3-4 times during the summer season. If you want to keep things cost effective, there are even recipes for homemade fertilizer. We recommend choosing more natural fertilizers, such as these DIY fertilizer.

5. Add Bee Lodges to attract bees to your garden.

Bees can be great pollinators and are a gardener’s best friend. Adding a bee home, like our Bee Lodges, can attract solitary bees to your garden, where they have a better chance to pollinate your flowers. It also provides a safe home for these pollinators and a new accessory for your garden.

6. Plant perennials, or grow annuals from seeds to save money.  

Everyone loves the beautiful colors of annuals, but they can be expensive! Planting perennials gets you more bloom for your dollar. Growing annuals from seeds is a great project for your kids and can lower garden costs significantly.

7. Accessorize.

Top your patio furniture with brightly colored cushions. Buy some lawn ornaments from a craft fair, or make them yourself. String festoon lights to your umbrella or between trees. Adding a few pieces that pop can create a luxurious look without the cost!

Follow these simple tips for a swoon-worthy lawn all summer long.

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