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Carpenter Bees, why we have a love-hate relationship

About Carpenter Bees

Let's face it, carpenter bees are ugly.  Instinctively your thought is to run away from these big flying bugs.  But, carpenter bees are actually very docile bees that rarely sting unless provoked.  These bees also play an important part to our ecosystem.  We need them and we love them for their pollinating abilities.  They travel plant to plant searching for nectar providing pollination for our fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  However, the destruction they cause in their nesting can have many home owners jumping quickly to get rid of them.   Their nests burrow tunnels into the wood, which after multiple years and many generations, can cause serious damage.  Not to mention the attraction of hungry woodpeckers and rotting fungi to the holes.  Many people start to douse the holes in all sorts of chemicals to kill these bees.  However, that isn’t necessary.

There are safe ways you can protect your home and operate in the best interest of the environment.  Carpenter bees are less likely to nest in treated, painted, and stained woods.  Keeping up with the maintenance of your wooden structures is key.  You can also create a safe habitat in your yard that draws the bees away from your house.  By drilling holes part way into a wooden log or block of wood you can create an environment that attracts the bees.  Carpenter bees are always seeking the most efficient and safe place to build their nest.  If that doesn’t keep the bees from scouting out your home for their nest you can get some Best Bee Traps.  These special carpenter bee traps can be placed on the eaves, dormers, and porches of your house.  The patented design carpenter bee trap is specifically engineered to attract carpenter bees and catch them inside a plastic bottle.  The natural smell of dead carpenter bees attracts other carpenter bees without any need for unnatural chemicals. This trap is maintenance free and guaranteed to work!

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  • bob wroe on

    They are back, its 80: here, just ready to start yard work and the Bees…..found this product on the web, and ordered two…..can’t wait for them to get here….
    Elizabeth city NC

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