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Wasp Deterrent Hive - 2 pack

$ 5.99

Protect your home from wasp infestations with our Wasp Deterrent Hive decoy nests, which use species-specific behavior to keep wasps from building and inhabiting nests.

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Why We Love It:

Given their highly territorial nature, many species of wasps will choose to avoid building new nests when there is (or is perceived to be) an existing wasp nest in the area. Luckily for you, we’ve gotten pretty good at building wasp nests ourselves! We’re confident that our wax paper wasp nest decoys will help stop wasps from moving into or around your home.

  • Two (2) paper wasp decoy nests per package
  • Metal expansion bar maintains overall nest shape
  • High-quality materials ensure long life
  • Collapsible design allows the trap to be put up and taken down
  • Includes hanging string for easy placement
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • 100% natural

How to Hang It:

Use of your Wasp Deterrent Hive couldn’t be easier. To get started, just follow these simple steps: Identify areas around your home where wasps are likely to build a nest, such as eaves, overhangs, railings and decks.

  1. Once you’ve selected an ideal spot, gently open the decoy.
  2. Insert the wire rectangle (hook side up) into the center of the nest.
  3. Secure the wire by positioning the rectangular corners into the hive’s wire holes on top and bottom.
  4. Tie the string into a loop and attach it to the top wire hook.
  5. Hang the wasp nest decoy.

NOTE: While these traps are excellent at deterring wasps from building new nests, they WILL NOT get rid of an existing wasp nest in or around your home. Contact a pest control professional for help. If you choose to deal with an existing wasp nest on your own, use caution.

Getting the Most out of Your Wasp Deterrent Hive:

These wasp nests decoys are effective at what they are meant to do – but their purpose is to ward off any new wasps in the area from using your home as a potential nesting area. However, the Wasp Deterrent Hive will not eliminate an existing wasp nest. If you’re struggling with an nest of wasps on your property, it’s important to take the proper precautions to remove it before putting up your decoy. Once the old nest is removed, placing your decoy in or around the same area can send a strong warning message to other waps.

If you’re simply being proactive and there’s not an existing nest near your home, it’s best practice to hang the wasp nest decoys in locations where you might normally expect to encounter a nest. These include areas like eaves, overhangs, railings and decks.

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