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Wasp Deterrent Hive - 2 pack

$ 5.99

Did you know most wasp species will avoid building a hive near another wasp hive?  This interesting behavior is the motivation behind our Wasp Deterrent Hives.

Each package comes with 2 wax paper wasp trap decoys.  To discourage wasps from nesting in your area, hang traps in visible locations in your yard.  If you know there are places wasps like to nest, place the trap there!

Please note: These decoys will not get rid of an already active nest.

To use decoys:

-Gently pull open the wax paper wasp trap

-Insert the wire rectangle (hook side up) into the center of the trap.

-Secure wire in place by positioning the rectangle wire corners into the hive's wire holes on top and bottom.

-Tie the string into a loop attached to the top wire hook.

-Hang up trap in wasp preferred locations.

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