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Video: Natural Wasp Deterrent Method: Fake Wasp Hives

Learn how to keep Wasp off your property with Best Bee Brother’s fake wasp hives. This video shows how simple it is to keep your property wasp free with an all-natural, cost effective method.

What is Required to Properly Deter Wasps?

The method to stop wasp from building hives on your property is quite simple. The following is everything you need to prevent wasp:

That’s it. It’s that simple to effectively stop wasps from building hives on your property. The way these fake wasp hives work is the biology behind wasp themselves. They will not build their homes/hives near another enemy hive. So as long as you place our decoy hives in the hotspot area where previous hives have been built, they will not be returning.

Disclaimer: Our Best Bee Brother Decoy Hives WILL NOT get rid of already existing hives. Please take the appropriate safety precautions and actions to safely remove existing hives before installing our decoys.