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Best Bee Brothers, LLC

Hanging Carved Bee Lodge

$ 29.99

Support the environment and help protect your home this season by attracting solitary bees to your garden and potentially luring them away from your home with our Hanging Carved Bee Lodge!

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Why We Love It:

Handcrafted with soft pine wood, our bee houses are designed to attract solitary bee species, like mason and carpenter bees. These carved lodges make a great alternative nesting site for those who prefer to house rather than trap solitary bees. Instead of trapping them, you can harness their pollination capabilities by setting the bees up near your garden. Our handmade Hanging Carved Bee Lodge:

  • Has slightly variable dimensions (exact dimensions may vary):
  • 10–14” H x 4–7” W x 3–6” D
  • Weighs approximately 4 lbs.
  • Includes back mounting hook

How to Hang It:

Each Hanging Carved Bee Lodge includes a back mounted hook for easy installation. As soon as temperatures reach at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit consistently, simply attach the back mounting hook to a post or tree near your garden, or anywhere pollinators would be beneficial. Then watch as solitary bees settle in. Note: This bee lodge must be hung, and will not stand up on its own.

Getting the Most Out of Your Bee Lodge:

The Hanging Carved Bee Lodge is low maintenance, but follow these tips for best results.

Our field testing has proven these bee lodges are more effective when hung up high in areas with plenty of sunlight. When deciding exactly where to place your lodge, keep these details in mind to help the solitary bees correctly identify their new home.

Because mason bees and other solitary bees naturally rise with the sun, orienting their home in a southeasterly direction will ensure that they receive all the warmth they need. When positioning your bee hotel, hang it to make sure that it’s placed against a relatively flat, sturdy surface that’s protected from the wind. This can be against the siding of an outdoor shed or even a more mature tree.

To jump-start your bee lodge, roll out the welcome mat by pairing your lodge with our Bee-Licious Bee Bait. This step is optional, but it’s a great way to generate a buzzzz of excitement.

If you are using bee lodges to aid in luring bees away from your home, it’s important to take some preventive measures before hanging up the bee house in your garden. Looking for and plugging any existing carpenter bee holes in your home will help direct the bees to exactly where you want them to go, and is one of the best ways you can support your bee lodge system. Not sure what to plug a carpenter bee hole with? Try our Hand Dipped Wooden Corks!

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