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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since the very founding of our company, we at Best Bee Brothers® have worked hard to find a balance with nature, creating products that are both safe and effective without the use of pesticides.

In one of our earliest products, our bug spray, we use essential oils to keep mosquitoes at bay. As our product offerings have expanded over the years, we’ve continued to design more products that help our customers keep carpenter bees and other pests away without compromising the safety of people and the environment. Our values have not wavered, but we know we can employ even more sustainable practices.

Our Green Mission: To further embody our values, we are committed to becoming an even more eco-friendly company. Best Bee Brothers will continue to discover ways to reduce our environmental impact, pushing ourselves to find innovative ways to be even more sustainable in the future.

We’re committed to be an even mor eco-friendly company.
It’s won’t be the easiest or least expensive route, but we’re committed.

In the short term, becoming a more sustainable company may not always be the easiest or least expensive route. But as a family-owned company with deep roots in our community, we believe preserving the environment starts not only in our backyards but also in our business. And we know that even the smallest steps today can make a real and lasting impact tomorrow for our children and for future generations. We invite our customers to join us on this journey to improve our neighborhoods and beautify our backyards without harmful chemicals that can hurt precious pollinators.

So just what are we doing? Read on to learn how we’re covering the three R’s: reducing and reusing plastic waste, and shifting toward more recyclable and recycled packaging. Sustainability is a work in progress, so be sure to check back with us on this page in the future to see what else we’re up to.

Manufacturing with Ocean Plastic

The durability of plastic makes it an ideal material for our products that need to stand up to the elements ­­– in fact, it’s the reason we use it for the roofs of our Carpenter Bee Turbo Trap. But plastic’s intrinsic durability comes with a major drawback. Even when plastic is past its useful life, it persists in our environment. It remains in our landfills, our waterways, even our air.

We asked ourselves how we could make it more sustainable while still ensuring a long, useful life for our products. Our answer? Giving ocean plastic a second life by incorporating it into our manufacturing process. It not only helps reduce our reliance on virgin plastic but also reduces plastic bound for our oceans and rivers and helps remove existing plastic pollution worldwide.

By choosing an Oceanworks Guaranteed® manufacturing partner, we are finding ways to use more recycled plastics. Ocean plastic is the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts, but it is only the beginning.

From 2022 to 2023, our use of recycled plastic in Carpenter Bee Traps kept 29 tons – the weight of 22 compact cars! – out of the world’s oceans. And going forward, we estimate that each year, our Carpenter Bee Traps will divert at least 15 tons of ocean plastic from waterways worldwide.

Our Oceanworks Guaranteed® manufacturer also enables us to engage our customers in the Oceanworks® IMPACT+ program, which means you can help remove even more plastic from our oceans by purchasing a Carpenter Bee Trap and registering your product! When you buy the Carpenter Bee Trap, scan the QR code to register your product (you'll find it in your shipment). When you register your product, Oceanworks® commits to removing five pounds of additional plastic from oceans and waterways around the world.

Where Oceanworks sources recycled plastic
This demonstrates where ocean bound plastic is sourced by Oceanworks.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We know reducing plastic waste with the way we design and manufacture our products is an essential part of our sustainability story, but packaging is important too. By 2023, we phased out virgin plastic packaging for our Citrus Carpenter Bee Repellent Spray and our new Shake + Shield product line, converting to 100 percent recycled ocean plastic bottles.  

We also worked to improve our paper packaging. By the end of 2023, all the paper we used to package our Carpenter Bee Trap was 100 percent PCR paper, and all packaging for the trap became fully recyclable.

Promoting Biodiversity with BEE a Backyard Hero!

Sustainable practices like recyclable packaging and using ocean plastics along with our founding commitment to natural, eco-friendly products are essential parts of our mission of preserving the environment. But there’s more we can do, and we need everyone’s help!

Attract honey bees with Red poppies!
Red poppies are great flower to attract pollinators like honey bees!
Photo Credit: Matt Senior - Unsplash

We believe making a positive impact starts in our own backyard. Choosing Best Bee Brothers products instead of traditional insect-killing sprays that may harm plants and wildlife can help preserve biodiversity in your backyard. What is biodiversity? It’s a long word for a simple concept: the more species of plants and animals in a given area, the more biodiverse it is. How can you nurture biodiversity in your own backyard? When you create a habitat for honeybees, bumble bees, butterflies and birds, everyone benefits!

Nurture biodiversity in your own backyard with the Pollinator Wildflower Mix!

To help promote biodiversity, we introduced our BEE a Backyard Hero campaign, offering a FREE packet of Pollinator Wildflower Mix with every order. Our campaign gave away enough seeds to plant almost 45,000 square feet of wildflowers.

Producing Bug Sprays & Repellents with Natural Active Ingredients

Our effective bug sprays and insect repellents, made from natural active ingredients such as essential oils, help our customers enjoy the outdoors and stay bug-free safely. And our incense uses essential oils and sawdust, a renewable resource.

Our Eco-Friendly Products

Visit our product pages to learn more about our chemical-free bee traps, our insect repellent sprays made with natural active ingredients, and our mosquito sticks!

When you avoid harmful pesticides and choose to defend your home with safer products, you can do your part to keep the planet a little safer, in your backyard and beyond.

Committed to Bee-ing Better!