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Pollinator Wildflower Mix - Seed Packet

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Want to attract more beneficial pollinators to your garden? Keep honeybees, bumble bees and mason bees happily buzzing, and beautify your backyard or balcony when you plant a packet of pollinator-approved blooms!

A packet of Bee’s Knees seeds includes a variety of annual flowers that will attract bees and butterflies to your yard. As part of our BEE a Backyard Hero campaign to raise awareness for pollinators, we’re offering these seeds for free with any Best Bee Brothers order. 

Orders are limited to 2 seed packets per order.

These annuals include red poppies, baby's breath, cornflowers and more. Plant them anywhere: around your garden, in a raised bed or in pots. City and apartment dwellers with balconies and roof gardens can sow them in soil in a hanging basket or container.

Scatter your seeds, watch them flourish, and BEE a Backyard Hero!

Suitable for USDA zones 1­-10. Each packet covers ten square feet.

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