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Costs of Hiring an Exterminator for Carpenter Bee Treatment

Carpenter Bee Treatment Costs Using Exterminator

Having carpenter bees nearby can be annoying, especially if they are acting territorial, buzzing around your head. But they are even more annoying when they are destroying your home by building extensive nests in your wood!

Time to call an exterminator for carpenter bees?

If you are struggling with a carpenter bee infestation, you might be considering calling a professional to help remove the pests from your property. Many exterminators advertise that they are experts at removing carpenter bees, or wood bees. An exterminator might be effective in killing carpenter bees, but how much will it cost you, and how much do you know about the methods they use?

The average cost nationally for an exterminator to visit your property is likely $250–$400! If the exterminator needs to schedule follow-up visits for spraying or monitoring, they will likely charge $75–$150 per visit.

What are the risks of using an exterminator?

Chemical exterminators use to kill bees or other bugs are usually toxic to people and pets. Contact with them may cause burns, skin rashes, or other kinds of harmful reactions. Some insecticides are also flammable. Spraying existing carpenter bee nests is only a short-term solution. Can your exterminator guarantee the bees won’t return?

What are the alternatives to an exterminator?

Carpenter bee traps are an effective and natural alternative that can be implemented easily and affordably. The traps last several years, making them a great long-term solution. The Best Bee Trap from Best Bee Brothers is designed to attract and trap bees without harmful chemicals. The traps work by mimicking a natural carpenter bee home, luring the bees into a wooden chamber that leads them into the clear trap below. Once a bee is trapped, it will eventually release pheromones that will attract more bees from your property into the trap! If you want to accelerate the effectiveness of your trap, consider using our BEE-Licious Bee Bait.

Best Bee Brothers has helped protect over 100,000 homes, and we can help you too!





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  • Customer Support on

    @Kay Short – As sad as it is, the lack of food is what kills them within the trap. ~Best Bee Brothers

  • kay short on

    After the bees enter the trap do they die ? I assume so but what kills them?

  • Jim on

    Just bought these traps for bees after 12 hrs 5 bees in the trap ,am going to get 3 more and put around the house ,great products, very happy would recommend it

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