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Upgrade Kit B - Turbo Funnel 2.0 and Bee Vault

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Upgrade your Turbo Trap with the improved Turbo Funnel 2.0 by adding the Bee Vault. 

Turbo Kit A is for Turbo Traps with side windows.
Turbo Kit B is for Turbo Traps with 1 front-bottom window (no side windows)

How to install Turbo Trap 2.0 with Bee Vault Upgrade Kit

  1. Remove the roof
  2. Discard the Turbo Funnel (black plastic with 4 holes)
  3. Insert the Turbo Funnel 2.0 (new black plastic insert) into the slots in the wood.  The holes should align under the holes in the wood.
  4. Fold the Bee Vault into a square and insert under the Turbo Funnel 2.0
  5. Replace the roof
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