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Video: Where To Hang Your Carpenter Bee Trap?

Hi! I’m Mike Ryan, one of the Best Bee Brothers, hanging out here today at the Best Bee Cabin. So, number one question we get from our email, our website - where do I put these darn traps? Maybe you’ve got our Best Bee Trap right here, maybe you’ve got our Pine Trap here - both are super effective, both are going to work great. Now you just need to know where to put them.

So, we’ve got two situations, the first I’m going to call ideal. Maybe you had bees last season, maybe you’re planning ahead, maybe your neighbors have them and you’re protecting yourself.

So it’s before the season and you’re not seeing the bees yet, it’s just starting to warm up. You’re going to want to get these traps up then. Best thing to do: corners and eaves of your house, nice and high, ok? These protect up to about a fifteen foot radius, so you’re going to need more than one folks. Sunny side of the house, that’s the other hint I’m going to give you. Bees like that sunny side. Sheltered - so you’ve got an overhang. You’ve got your house, your barn, you’re shed, you’re going to want to protect all those things. You got an overhang, put it up under there, ok? Don’t let it be out here where the rain is going to beat on it. Ok, final hint: don’t hide it! You got some rafters up there, you put it up way deep because you don’t want to see it, but then the bee’s aren’t going to see it either. That’s not going to be a good thing.

Now, we’ve got situation number two. I call this situation the “HOLY-COW” situation. There here! You see the bees, they’re buzzing, they’re dive bombing you. You’ve got raining sawdust coming down from the eaves of your house or porch. That’s not a good thing, but guess what? It’s not too late, you can still take care of these.

What we’re going to do is: we’re going to add one more step. So you’ve got a hole here. That’s a good thing - now you know where the bees are. There up in this hole. Normally, the female is up there, she’s laying eggs and she’s going to make lots of babies. So what are you going to do? You’re going to treat this hole. You’re going to plug it up, we’ve got plugs on our website You’re going to stick that up in there, get it nice and tight and guess what? Those bees are going to start looking for another home.

Now we’re back to situation number one. Eaves of house, shelter, sunny side of the house. You plugged up the hole, the bees are looking around, and they’re going to find our trap and it’s going to work.

Thanks a lot for visiting the Best Bee Cabin today, visit our website, buy more traps, watch more videos and learn more about carpenter bees and wood-boring bees. Thanks a lot!