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Video: When Should I Empty My Trap?

Welcome! I’m Mike Ryan, I’m one of the Best Bee Brothers and i’m hanging out here today at the Best Bee Cabin.

So, when do you empty your trap?

It’s effective, you’ve watched your other videos, you know where its hung, it’s working well and you see that thing filling up. Well guess what? I got an easy answer for you - don’t empty it. That’s right! The bees in there, they’re releasing pheromones; it’s getting nice and smelly. We’ve got our patented design here, we’ve got our venting on the bottom, it’s really drawing more bees in. So just let it do its job, ok?

Let’s say you think it’s getting full. You see it getting full all the way to the top, and you’re worried no more bees can get inside. By all means, let’s go ahead and empty it. Don’t worry about not smelling those pheromones, if you want to leave one in there that’s fine, but guess what? That smell has permeated into the wood and the plastics there, so it’s going to do just fine in this trap.

Now you got two options. Our trap, our new and improved design this year, comes with this nice long drawstring here so you can hang this up nice and high. This can hang down really low, ok? Emptying it is easy. You don’t have to worry about climbing up a ladder. You don’t have to worry about being dangerous and falling off or anything like that. Just pull the string and the bees are going to drop right out.

See how simple that was? That works great. You don’t want the string on there? That’s fine, maybe it’s down lower. We’ve got a little hinge here, it’s just a little spring. Look how easy that is! You can empty this thing out like nothing.

You want to buy more traps? Need help or suggestions? Visit - we don’t call it the best bee trap on the market for nothing. Guess what? We got our pine trap here too, that’s going to empty about the same way. Again, it’s going to have a hinge bottom on it - very simple.

Thanks a lot for visiting! Come back again folks.