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Video: Turbo Trap 2.0 with Bee Vault Upgrade Kit

How to install Turbo Trap 2.0 with Bee Vault Upgrade Kit

This process does not require tools – hands only

  1. Place your Turbo Trap face down on a solid surface.
  2. Remove the plastic roof from your Turbo Trap by gently pulling the bottom away from the body of the trap. There are 2 posts on the top and 2 posts on the bottom of the roof.
  3. Remove and discard the black Turbo Funnel inside your trap.
  4. Insert the new Turbo Funnel 2.0 into your trap. The holes should align with the holes in the wood body of your trap. The funnel may need to be flexed to fit in the groove.
  5. Fold and press the Bee Vault in each perforated corner. Insert the tabs from the long side into the outside of the short side.
  6. Insert the Bee Vault under the Turbo Funnel 2.0. The joined section will be facing the back of the trap. The Bee Vault will rest in the wood body of the trap and be held in-place when the roof is installed.
  7. Install the roof by placing the 2 bottom posts in the holes and flexing the roof to insert the 2 top posts