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Video: Our Best Bee Trap in Action!

Example of Wood Bee Traps at Work

This user-submitted video shows how effective our carpenter bee traps are! This footage was shot after 3.5 hours of use - imagine what it can do over longer spans of time.

This video also gives a quick, real-life example of the damage that can be caused by carpenter bees. If you want to stop wood boring bees from ruining your wood, make sure to buy one of our Carpenter Bee Traps here!

Are Your Carpenter Bee Traps Not Working?

If your Carpenter Bee Traps aren’t working as well as this costumer’s trap, then here are a few ideas to help you get rid of wood bees:

  1. Move the location of the trap
  2. Use our Bee-licious Bee Bait to help attract more bees
  3. Don’t automatically empty the trap, the scent of dead bees will actually attract more
  4. Use our Natural Citrus Spray on areas that you don’t have traps set up 
  5. Test different locations, if you can find more affected wood spots, test multiple positions around it for your carpenter bee traps