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Video: How to Save Your Home from Carpenter Bees

Hi! I’m Mike Ryan, one of the Best Bee Brothers. I’m here to share with you how you can save your porch or railings from carpenter bees or wood-boring bees. They are a super nuisance - they can damage your house, damage your barn, damage your property. So you’re going to want to protect yourself.

So, we got the best patented trap on the market. Tens and thousands of these have been sold, and we’ve got a one hundred percent money back guarantee, so you have no worries, ok?

Now pretend this is your railing or porch behind me here. You see the bees in this area, your house is behind this. You’re going to want to hang that trap up high, as high as you can, kind of under an eave or a nook. The more exposed the better. This bee trap might work down here on your railings and your porch, but it’s going to work much better up here. So naturally, you’re going to want to do what works better. You’re going to trap more bees that way.

I’ve got some friendly helpful hints for you here. So remember, just to recap, outside the house and everything is away from here, you want to have it facing out. You want to get it as high as you can - higher is better. Third thing: let’s say you got a hole here, you know the carpenter bees are coming in and out. You’re going to want to treat that hole. You’re going to want to plug it up. We’ve got those again for you on our website - we can help you with that.

So what’s happening here in this hole? This is an active nest and that female, she is laying eggs. She’s working hard laying eggs, and she is going to ruin your summer. There’s going to be more bees than you can shake a stick at. What you’re going to want to do is plug that up, which will trap her inside. Now most of the problem with carpenter bees around their nests, is the dive bombing, and it’s normally the males that are dive bombing you. So you plug up the holes, you hang up your trap, and those males are going to look for another hole, ok? They’re going to find our trap and they’re going to be stuck inside. So, it’s as simple as that.

I appreciate you hanging out with me at the Bee Cabin. Come back anytime! Again, visit our website at, order traps, order plugs, get other helpful hints and clues, along with videos on how to take of this problem.

Thanks again!