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Video: How To Assemble Your Best Bee Trap?

Hi! I’m Mike Ryan, one of the Best Bee Brothers, hanging out at the Best Bee Cabin today. Welcome!

So you’re trap arrives with a little sticker on the front and you’re going to want to open up this box. Nothing could be simpler. Basically the whole trap is mostly assembled. Look in the bottom of the box folks, we’ve got some instructions, ok? We’ve got some extra instructions, hints and details on the outside as well.

Ok, the trap comes. This one fell on its own, you might have to pull down. There’s some little grooves inside there. You’re going to feel it nice and snug when it latches into position. Again, you’re pulling down this receptacle until it’s nice and snug. The accessories you need are right inside this receptacle, ok? Once more, instructions are inside the box, and additional instructions are on the outside of the box.

You’re going to put a little hook on the front here - there’s a little string if you want to use it. Some people do, some people don’t. On the end of that string we’ve got a little loop on the bottom just to give you something to grab onto. So your trap’s hanging, this is going to help you empty it if you have it angling off that way.

Thanks a lot for visiting today. Again, if you need more traps visit our website - patented, best trap you can buy on the market guaranteed.