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Video: How Does Our New Best Bee Brothers Trap Work?

Welcome, I’m Mike Ryan here at the bee cabin. I’m here to tell you what the carpenter bee trap is. Some people call carpenter bees wood-boring bees as well. This is our patented trap, the Best Bee Trap from Best Bee Brothers. We’ve been producing this trap for a number of years. This year we are happy to tell you it’s new and improved.

How does the carpenter bee trap work? Let me show you!

Here on the side there are three holes. These holes imitate a natural home for carpenter bees. Bees flying around fly up into the hole looking for a home. They get inside, and they’re not happy. They realize it isn’t a natural home they want to live in. So, bees like other insects, fly to the light. The holes are angled up so not a lot of light gets in. The most light is at the bottom, so the bee’s fly into the bottom. There is a funnel that keeps them from flying straight back up. And the bees do not like to walk on plastic, and really can’t walk on plastic. So once they are in this chamber down here, that’s pretty much it for the bees - they get stuck in there.

When you get bees in your trap, go ahead and leave them in there. They release a pheromone, we have some holes on the bottom of our trap to release that. It’s going to attract more bees quickly. So the chamber here can hold well over one hundred bees. You’re going to wait for that to fill up. We have a long rope on here, you’re going to hang these up on your house. Best place to do it is the sunny side of your house, porch, barn or wherever you need protection from carpenter bees. You’re going to hang it up, probably nice and high. We have a nice long string on here. Just pull down to release the bees. It’s as simple as that.

No more climbing up on a ladder risking your life trying to get these things emptied out. This chamber is obviously reusable after the bees are out. Once the bees have been in there a while, you don’t need to worry about the pheromones, that’s kind of soaked into the wood and soaked into the plastic, so it’s going to continue to attract more bees.

If you want to get one of these effective, proven, patented design traps, go to