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Video: Carpenter Bee Bait Questions Answered

Our new Bee-licious Bee Bait is the perfect additive to get any carpenter bee trap catching fast! Here are the answers to common questions around the carpenter bee bait.

Q: How do I apply the Beelicious Bee Bait? How much do I use?
A: The Beelicious Bee Bait can be applied in two ways. You can either add a small dab to the bottom plastic container of the trap, or squirt it into the trap through the bee entrance holes. The bait will run down a little, but the scent will dry in the trap.

Q: How long does the Beelicious Bee Bait last?
A: The Beelicious Bee Bait is best used within 2 years.

Q: Do you have to re-apply the carpenter bee bait? If so, how often do you re-apply it?
A: Once your traps starts catching carpenter bees, you do not need to reapply the bait. Each time you empty the trap you can add a small amount.

Q: If I empty my trap, do I have to re-apply more bee bait?
A: You do not need to apply more when you empty, the trap will work without the bait. But if you see the bees reacting well to the bait, then keep up the applications for best results.

Q: How does the application work? Do I need to use something to apply it with?
A: You don't need to use anything to apply the bait. You can just squeeze the bait right onto the trap.

Q: Is it safe on my skin?
A: The bee bait is made with natural ingredients, but it does smell terrible. We recommend wearing gloves or washing your hands directly after use.

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