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Video: Attract More Bees to Your Carpenter Bee Trap

Welcome! I’m Mike Ryan here in the bee cabin.

I’m here today to tell you how to accelerate the trap’s amazing performance and attract more bees.

Best Bee Brothers has the world’s best carpenter bee attractant with all-natural bee pheromone inside.

We often hear, “I hung my trap up at 10 a.m. and by noon, I didn’t have any bees.” This is normal. It takes a while for the bees to find your trap.

But we always tell customers, “After you catch one bee, a lot more will come!” Why is that?

Because the dead bee releases a pheromone that attracts other bees. They think, “This is a free home!” and bees are lazy.

Our all-natural BEE-Licious Bee Bait is packed full of bee pheromone. It will put off an odor that will attract bees faster.

How do you use it?

Just open up the trap and put a little inside. Wherever you can but a little dime size amount will work--on the edge or bottom--it’s that simple. On the Pine Trap, take the plastic cap out and spread a little on the bottom edge.

On our Best Bee Trap, open the trap door and put a little on the bottom of the door and on the side. The odor will circulate.

This tube has enough pheromone to treat 10-12 traps, easily. It is super concentrated!

To learn everything you need to know about getting rid of carpenter bees, visit go to to order traps and view all of our great products.