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Video: Are Carpenter Bees Attracted to Traps?

Welcome! I’m Mike Ryan, here in the Bee Cabin.

I’m here today to tell you about the benefit of the specially designed holes in our traps. We spent a lot of time testing this to make sure it everything was designed just right.

There are two different, unique design elements on our carpenter bee traps -- also known as wood boring bee traps. The first are the side holes.

You can see one here and on our box trap, you can see one here.

They are specially angled and sized to mimic the bees natural home. That is what attracts them.

But there is also a second part of this. They are angled to reduce light transmission once the bees are inside. So the bee is inside, it is dark, and the angled hole doesn’t allow a lot of light in. Bees go to the light.

That’s the trap.

Once inside, they go to the trap and that is where they are stuck.

The second element are the bottom holes. At the bottom of this trap are holes. You can also see the bees in there.

Wait, what’s that smell? I can’t really smell it. But there are bee pheromone scents coming off these dead bees. That will attract other bees. These holes help to release the odor and therefore help attract more bees, faster.

To get rid of carpenter bees, go to and order our traps today. You can also see all of our other great products there.