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Our Most Advanced Trap Yet - Best Bee Turbo Trap

Best Bee Brother, Mike, introduces Best Bee Turbo Trap!

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the bee cabin, I’m Mike Ryan, one of the best bee brothers.

Today I’m introducing the features of our new best Bee turbo trap.

The roof is made from durable recycled ocean bound sustainable plastic and has two pre-drilled mounting holes for easy hanging.

The three holes drilled into the wood, mimic natural carpenter bee nests and attract the bees inside

Once inside, the interior chamber has four turbo funnels to quickly draw Carpenter bees Down into the trap where they can’t escape!

The bottom spring-loaded release door ensures effortless emptying. 

The long chord attachment gives you the option of hanging the trap up high and empty it by simply pulling here.  

The door also features this black bee bait cup designed to hold our BEE Licious bee bait, bee bait helps jumpstart your trap. 

The bee bait cup also serves as a secondary access door to help with emptying if needed.

The holes on the bottom of the door release the sound, scent and pheromones of the bees caught inside. This is the key to luring more bees into the trap.

These large view ports on the side help you monitor the traps success and also see the fill level inside so you know when to empty it

This is a very high-performance trap that we’ve optimally designed based on our years of experience.

Thanks for visiting the Bee cabin today. visit best bee to see all of our great products and Get lots more information on carpenter bees!