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How to Set Up Your Best Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap

Watch this simple Carpenter Bee Trap Assembly Tutorial Video to see just how easy it is to start getting rid of carpenter bees today.

Video Transcript:

Hi, today I will be showing you how to set your Best Bee Trap. The Best Bee Trap is a perfect way of saving your home from the destruction of carpenter bees without using any pesticides or toxic chemicals. It is important to remember that before setting up your Best Bee Trap you must plug any pre-existing nest.

Inside the box you’ll find a tips and tricks card with ways on how you can improve your trap. As well as an instruction manual explaining how to set up the trap.

Step one is to pull the trap outside the box using the hanging string. The bottom receptacle should then become visible.

Step two is to lock the bottom receptacle in place. You do this by pulling down on the clear plastic. There are tabs on the inside of the trap that should click when the receptacle is aligned correctly. Be careful not to pull too hard. 

Step three is to take out the 3 meter pull cord. On the pull cord is a mental clip and a mental ring. If you plan to place the trap in a hard to reach location, attach the metal clip to the bottom of the receptacle. This way you can empty the trap using the pull cord. 

If you plan to place the trap in an easily accessible location you don’t need the pull cord. You can empty the trap pushing down pushing down on the receptacle like this.

Step five is to hang the Best Bee Trap. You can do this by using the hanging string and or by mounting it using the two mounting screw holes

For more information on carpenter bees and our Best Bee Trap, check the tips and tricks card, as well as visit our website at