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Are Wood Bee Traps Actually Effective?

Carpenter Bees Took Over Our Swingset!

Video Transcript:

One day we came across a Trustpilot review from a customer who created a YouTube video sharing his bee trap success. We were honored to receive this video review as it was completely unsolicited and 100% the customer’s own words! 

This customer was specifically looking for something to protect his kid’s wooden swing set in their backyard. 

In the video, Christopher stated “This thing is really cool...I could not believe the amount of bees I captured in just a few days. I was really astounded.”

Watch the video for yourself to see what else Christopher had to say. 

Image: Pull from video 

Thank you, Christopher, for your honest review. We are happy to hear you didn’t need to compromise the safety and health of your children and used a chemical free option to eliminate carpenter bees!

If you are looking for a chemical free and easy option to protect your swingset or other structures, give our Best Carpenter Bee Trap a try!