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Video: 6 Tips To Better Use a Carpenter Bee Trap

I’m here today to give you six quick tips to get you started with our Best Bee Traps.

1. Use dead carpenter bees to jump-start your trap

Carpenter bees release a pheromone that attracts more bees. I added some dead carpenter bees in this trap to demonstrate.

2. Place the trap where the bees can see it.

Don’t hang it up and under eaves. That’s why we make our traps look great.

3. Close up existing nest holes before hanging your trap(s)

We sell some nice wooden corks on our website that are easy to use. But anything will work.

4. Don’t paint or stain your trap

We use really special wood carpenter bees love. Painting or staining your trap will hurt its effectiveness.

5. We recommend one trap every 15 feet for maximum effectiveness

6. Put your traps up in the spring when it starts to turn warm

And no, you don’t need to take them down, but they may last longer if you take them in during the winter.

To learn everything you need to know about getting rid of carpenter bees, visit