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Video: Do Bug Bands Work? Effectiveness of Mosquito Bands

Welcome! I’m Mike Ryan here in the Best Bee Brothers cabin. 

I’m excited to share with you today a brand new product--Mosquito Bands

They repel mosquitoes using a powerful combination of natural oils. That’s right--no chemicals or DEET in here! 

Quick Warning to Parents: Natural oils are natural, but they are not safe for children who may want to eat the capsules. Please keep away from young children. 

Now, back to the bands. 

I had never tried these before last year. But when I visited Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, it was thick with mosquitoes--I needed protection! And these bands worked great for me and my whole family while we were camping. Each pack comes with 12, brightly colored mosquito repellent bracelets that give 700 hours of mosquito repellent protection, each. That’s a total of 8,400 hours. These will protect you and your family the entire summer--this one bag!

Look at this! They are comfortable, easy to wear, color coordinate, and fit most wrists. 

Bands are perfect for camping, hiking, and just about anything you are doing outdoors. Rain or swimming? They won’t affect the band’s effectiveness. Compare that with nasty chemical sprays that will wash off. 

In the center of each band is the secret. A powerful, repelling capsule that is packed with our quality tested and exclusive combination of essential oils. We tried a ton of combinations to get our blends to be super effective. 

We have lemongrass oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint, silvery wormwood, and chamomile. 

I wish you could smell this. They smell great!

We are all about value. So each package contains, 2 red, 2 purple, 2 black, 2 orange, 2 yellow, and two green bracelets--that’s 12 total, plus 12 capsule replacements. That’s right! 

Want a safe and effective solution to irritating mosquitoes? Give these a try now!

For total protection, try our other chemical free products, including incense and our Mosquito Zap Trap

To put an end to bloodthirsty mosquitoes, go to to order and see all our other great products.