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Cozy Cottage Mason Bee Home

$ 16.95

Looking to attract mason bees, also known as orchard bees, to your garden? Our Cozy Cottage Bee Home provides the perfect place for solitary bees to live! 
This Mason Bee House provides shelter to these important pollinators, which keeps them safe and happy all spring and summer. The Best Bee Brothers designed the mason bee home to create the perfect, cozy environment for the solitary bees, which we need and want around the garden.

Mason bees nest in crevasses and burrows but do not have the wood drilling abilities of carpenter bees who destroy your home. It's best to place Mason Bee Homes 6-7 feet off the ground and in a sunny spot.


  • Dimensions: 5.5" L x 4" W x 6" H
  • Include back support bracket
    •   Screw or nail the bee home onto a tree, deck, or other structure in your garden area
  • Made out of cedar wood
  • Provides shelter for 12 mason bees
To learn more about the benefits of attracting mason bees to your garden, visit Walter Reeves' blog

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