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Best Bee Brothers, LLC

Citrus Carpenter Bee Repellent Spray

$ 9.99

Protect your wooden surfaces from carpenter bee damage with Best Bee Brothers’ powerful citrus carpenter bee spray.

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Why We Love It:

What does peace of mind smell like? If you’re battling a carpenter bee infestation this season, we’d say citronella and lemongrass! Our naturally derived citrus spray is specifically designed to deter even the most persistent carpenter bees. These destructive pests hate the smell of citrus! Just a few sprays can be enough to prevent carpenter bee nesting – no harsh chemicals required.

Product features:
  • Uniquely formulated to be a powerful carpenter bee deterrent
  • Natural essential oils work great and smell great!
  • Long-lasting protection for days at a time
  • Naturally derived ingredients

How to Apply It:

Before applying the citrus carpenter bee spray, be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly several times – the separation of oils is normal. When ready, point the applicator 6–12 inches away from railings, siding, or other outdoor wooden surfaces and apply a few pumps of the citrus spray. Carpenter bees HATE the smell of citrus and will avoid creating a nesting site anywhere near that location. For best results, reapply a coat every few days during carpenter bee season to ensure continued protection.

Please note that while our citrus spray uses naturally derived ingredients, this product is not intended for direct application on human skin.

Getting the Most Out of Your Citrus Spray:

Point, aim and shoot – simple, right? Getting the most out of your citrus spray doesn’t have to be complicated. Reapplying a generous coat to your outdoor furniture, railings or other wooden surfaces every few days during carpenter bee season will offer the maximum amount of protection. And while our carpenter bee repellent spray and our carpenter bee traps are great partners in controlling your carpenter bee problems, DO NOT APPLY your carpenter bee spray to your carpenter bee traps!

Our carpenter bee traps are specifically designed to attract and direct carpenter bees into the collection chamber. Our citrus carpenter bee spray does just the opposite! It sends a powerful “Stay away!” signal, so applying citrus spray to your trap will render it useless. Avoid spraying too close to your carpenter bee trap so that bees will still enter it.


Active Ingredients:

  • Lemongrass oil 24.7%
  • Citronella oil 1.9%

WARNING: Even though this product contains naturally derived ingredients, keep the bottle out of reach of children. If the spray is swallowed, call poison control or a doctor immediately for treatment advice. Do not induce vomiting without being told by a medical professional. If accidentally applied to skin, stop use immediately and clean skin. Do not use the product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Avoid contact with clothing, as products may stain delicate fabrics.

PET SAFETY: Most essential oils are not safe for use on pets, especially when applied directly to their coats. Some oils are great at repelling summertime pests, but are also considered highly toxic to your furry friends. Citronella is toxic to dogs and other pets. Please keep the citrus spray away from grass or other areas your pets may walk, sniff, lick or eat.

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