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Video: Why Carpenter Bees are a Bother!

Carpenter bees bother me. That is why we are going to take a look at what I have done to stop carpenter bees from bothering me.

I built this wood house out of logs and tress blown down in storms or trees people had to have cut away from their homes. After building it from scratch, sawing all the lumber and putting it together the last thing I wanted was to see my house eaten up by a bunch of stinking carpenter bees. So that is why I invented the Carpenter Bee Trap.

This is the wood siding on our house. It has rough-edge pine siding which is a perfect habitat for the carpenter bee. This is the inside of the upstairs of our house, it’s all wood siding. We spent a lot of time building this out house of rough lumber. And we sure didn’t want it eaten up by a bunch of carpenter bees. Upstairs, we have a dormer outside of our house where we have a little porch. On the porch you can come out and look out over the mountains. Since we live out in the woods, it’s 6 miles of wilderness past our house to the mountains with one house between. We are so far back in the woods, you have to ride a pregnant horse to the mailbox just so you have one to ride back!

Out here there are a lot of carpenter bees. Right here is my Carpenter Bee Trap. We spent a few years figuring out what the carpenter bee really likes. He likes a little house with a sheltering roof. If he was to drill into your house, we would come up under the ease of your house and find a board at an angle. He would drill upwards to get himself a perfect house that is under shelter where no rain could get in.

When we designed our trap we made it out of carpenter bees’ favorite wood. We drill holes in the box, at an upward angle, so when he sees it he says “Now, that is a perfect house!” Once he gets inside and realizes it is not a perfect house, he wants to exit. Therefore, he flies towards the light much like other insects. He then flies to the clear bottle and tries to get out through the plastic, but he can’t get. He is not smart enough to fly through the dark, and continuously flies towards the light. Then he gets tired and falls in the bottle. The bottle is just a standard 20 ounce plastic water or coke bottle.

If you hang these carpenter bee traps on the outside of your new house, just like my house, you won’t have any carpenter bee holes. All your carpenter bees will be sitting in a nice plastic bottle. You can unscrew the bottle, put a lid on it and throw it away. Now you won’t have any more problems!

Now that you have seen what bothers me, you can see what I did about it. I invented the Carpenter Bee Trap. You can go see my Carpenter Bee Trap at