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Video: Why is it Important to Fill Carpenter Bee Holes?

The carpenter bee is a territorial bee so if you have a lot of bee holes in your house be sure to treat those holes before you hang your trap. You see the female bee drills a hole, lays the egg and the male bee he hovers out front and he chases everybody away from his girl. And he knows where that hole is so if you hang your trap up there he could be real busy chasing bees away from your trap to make it less effective.

So what you want to do is treat those holes and plug those holes. And you can use a lot of different things to plug them and you can spray any type of pesticide up in there to try and kill them. But you should treat those holes and plug them up, you can putty over them do whatever you like but treat the holes and then put your trap up. Because the female bee she drills this hole hollow out the board with all these nest chambers and she’s laying eggs in there and both of the adults bring the pollen for the babies. And when they get in your boards you really want to treat those holes and get them out of there because the woodpeckers can hear them in there and when the woodpeckers hear the bees inside the two by fours they’re going to get in there and start hammering and chipping away on the wood of your house and they can do actually more damage than the bees themselves.