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Video: When to Remove the Bottle on your Best Bee Trap

When to Remove the Bottle on your Best Bee Trap:

You want to remove the bottle from your Best Bee Trap trap when it is completely full.

When a trap like this has some dead bees in it and a few live bees, it makes for a fantastic trap! The sound of the live bees, in addition to pheromones and the smell of dead bees, attract new carpenter bees.

When bees die in the hole over the winter, new bees come around in the Spring. They want to clean out the nest chamber and reuse it. So, the best thing to do is leave the bottle on there until it is completely full. Then add a new bottle.

Here is a bottle I just took off a of a Best Bee Trap. It is completely full. There are even a few bees that are alive in there piled on top of the dead ones. A bottle like this holds about 200 bees. Can you believe it? This trap has already killed over 200 carpenter bees!

If you want to use these dead bees for something, you can! You can put them in a new trap you have. Just put a few dead carpenter bees in the new bottle so it gives off the smell. These things stink! They release pheromones will attract to new bees to the trap, making this bee trap a bee magnet!