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Video: How a Carpenter Bee Trap Works

I’m Brian Blazer, and I would like to explain my Best Bee Trap to you.

We call it the Best Bee Trap because it is the best. The bee trap is specifically designed to attract carpenter bees. The carpenter bee enters the trap thinking it is a great place to nest. When he decides it’s not a great place and leaves, he flies to the light with is a clear bottle at the bottom of the trap. This is the same idea why a fly flies to a window. While traveling to the light, the bee gets disoriented in the patented funnel and drops down into the bottle and becomes trapped.

Once in inside the bottle, the carpenter bee dies within a few days. Then, the bee releases a pheromone which attracts more bees to the trap. Plus, the smell of dead bees makes is very attractive to other carpenter bees.

When other bees smell dead bees and they think the residents of the nest have died, so they want to go inside and reuse the nest chamber. Thus, more bees will go inside your trap and get themselves trapped just like the others. It makes your trap very effective.

You want to hang these traps in the corners and peaks of your building.

We invented and patented it. We sell a lot of carpenter bee traps and they have always had a 100% money back guarantee!