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Video: Save Your Porch from Carpenter Bees!

If you have a porch around your house, bees tend to get in your handrails and the underside of your handrails. Now you want to make sure you treat those holes, kill the bees, and hang your trap. The best place to hang your trap β€” even though you can hang it on the outside corner of your handrail β€” it’s better if you hang it higher. Carpenter bees like height and the trap will work better high in the corner or the peak.

Now, when it comes to treating the holes in your handrails, the reason why you want to treat these holes is because carpenter bees are territorial. When you hang up your trap, the female bee stays on the inside the hole, and takes care of the babies. At the same time, the male bee is hovering outside the hole chasing everyone away from his girl. When your trap is up and the male bee is chasing everyone away from your trap he is ruining the whole program! What you want to do is treat that whole, kill the bees that are in that hole and plug it. And then hang your trap up and it can be super effective.