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Video: How to Assemble your Best Bee Trap

This is my best bee trap, and if you buy one of my best bee traps, open it up and take it out of the box. Inside, there is a little miniature bottle, almost hidden inside the trap. Put the miniature bottle on the bottom. Then your bottle is all fixed up. Next, to put your lid back on, put it on the back and snap it towards the front. And it snaps right on and it’s ready to hang up.

Now this bottle pops right off, so you can put another one on easily. The reason why we did it like this is so you can use any bottle you choose. You can use the little bottle it comes with, but that doesn’t hold too many bees, or you can use a giant 2-liter bottle, a 20 ounce or 16 ounce bottle. You can use any bottle.

People throw bottles away everywhere, and with all this liter let’s put use to it. If you were to go buy yourself a Japanese beetle trap you have to buy a special plastic bag. For our carpenter bee trap, you don’t have to buy anything! If you lose the receptacle or need a new one, any plastic bottle will do. From a little-bitty like this or all the way up to a 2-liter bottle. There is a little rubber grommet on here that pops off, and you pop on your trap. There you go!